Nomadic design seeking community based design projects


chahar is an architectural design practice focused on projects that engage the community at every step of the design and building process, and create a positive impact on their urban and natural environment.

chahar believes that architectural design can and must transform the built environment in an equitable and innovative way. We believe that design is a collaborative process by nature. We join other designers, makers and artists in order to create responsive, context-driven, and thought-provoking architecture.

chahar means “four” in Farsi and is used in many Iranian architectural terms, chaharsoo is the center of the bazaar where the exchange of knowledge and expertise happen, where all the energy of the city meets and greets and flows.  chaharbagh is the Persian garden, with a quadrilateral form, where the four directions of North and South and East and West equally meet at the center of the garden.

chahar focuses on the fluidity that comes from the interdisciplinary teamwork and cultural exchange in any given situation, like the energy that is formed at the center of the bazaar. The goal is to address design problems by considering the local and global implications of the decisions that are made and to question assumptions that we might make in the design process.


Yasaman Esmaili

is an architect and educator. Her work is focused on inward exploration and examination of existing presumptions in order to experiment with alternative design processes and create innovative, context-driven and phenomenological spaces. She believes that architects can play an important role in empowering the community and forming a social shift in the global society. Her collaborative work have resulted in the realization of Hikma Religious and secular complex in Dandaji Niger, the Gohar Khatoon Girls’ School in Afghanistan, and Niamey 2000, a multifamily housing project located in the capital of Niger, all of which have been widely published and recognized. Her most recent work, Hikma, received the Global LafargeHolcim 2018 Silver Award.

Yasaman holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tehran, a Master of Architecture from the University of Arizona and a Master of Science in Design Computing from the University of Washington.





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