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Smart Citizen: architectural strategies for post-earthquake disaster mitigation in Tehran

Type: Proposal / Competition Entry

Smart Citizen proposes a community based design process for a mitigation plan for the first few weeks after an earth-quick event in Tehran, Iran. Considering the social nature of such problem, the main focus of this work is on creating a physical and virtual framework for individual and family participation in disaster mitigation. The process starts with the creation of a mobile application that informs citizens and encourages them to get ready for an earthquake event within a social, urban and architectural framework. The actions are defined in different levels, for an individual, for the a family, for the neighborhood and for the city. Using the application, each member learns about the necessary steps for planing for an earthquake event, making their living spaces earthquake-proof and creating an earthquake emergency kit and shelter.

By joining the community groups through the application, the members join the discussion and create a network for collective preparation. In the city planing level, by identifying safe zones within each neighborhood and creating a community and gathering center within these safe zones, the community finds a place to meet, discuss learn and plan. Using the online application and on-site application, the community center will offer memberships to the participant to volunteer in the categories of planning and education safety kit, health, shelter, counseling, rescue and general inquiries and information. In the event of an earthquake, the volunteers will be prepared to help their community navigate their survival challenges.

Author: Yasaman Esmaili

Recognition: Honorable Mention